Sharpen the 3 Rs

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    Reading Comprehension Help
    The ADHD Way to Read
    11 expert strategies for engaging your child's imagination, encouraging note-taking, and building on background knowledge. More...
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    Cool Reading Tools
    Educational Software for ADHD
    6 apps and websites that help ADHD kids develop great reading skills — and have fun doing it! More...
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    Handwriting Help
    How to Conquer Messy Work
    10 ways to help your show what she knows with neater handwriting that comes from practice, a good grip, and multi-sensory guides. More...
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    Understanding Dyscalculia
    When Things Don't Add Up
    If math is a nightmare for your child, he may have a learning disability. Learn the signs here. More...
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    Verbal Skills for ADHD Students
    Sharpen Speaking Skills
    Strategies to help ADHD students overcome the anxiety, memory loss, and disorganization that may discourage them from speaking up. More...
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    The Write Tools
    High-Tech Solutions for ADHD Writers
    From digital transcription tools to visual dictionaries, use these assistive technologies to help your child use her words—and let her ideas shine. More...
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    ADHD Accommodations for Math
    Math Explanations for Every Brain
    7 study strategies for helping students understand all types of math problems. More...
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    Writing Tricks
    Fearless Paper and Essay Writing
    18 strategies to help your ADHD student overcome their fear of writing essays and papers for school. More...
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    Creative Learning Tricks
    Master the 3 Rs
    Try these teacher-tested learning strategies to help your child improve his reading, writing and arithmetic. More...
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    Book Smart
    Children's Books on ADHD
    A comprehensive collection of books for young readers with ADHD or LD themes. More...
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    Solve for X
    Algebra with ADHD
    Parents and teachers can help teens master high school algebra with these tips and tricks. More...
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    Ask the ADHD Education Expert
    Helping a Visual Learner
    "My ADHDer has trouble with oral vocab quizzes—she's a visual learner who needs to see the words." Read the expert response...
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    Life Story
    "My ADHD and Me"
    A 12-year-old student muses about balancing attention deficit with her special abilities in class. More...
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    Visualize, Summarize, Vocalize
    Get Her Engaged with What's on the Page
    It's vital that students with ADHD be actively engaged in the reading process, or else they will struggle with reading comprehension. Read more...
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    A Success Story
    "How I Overcame Dyslexia"
    "When I was younger, I felt like my dyslexia set me apart — and not in a good way. Here's how I put myself on the path to success." Read more...
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    The Write Stuff
    Best Handwriting Apps
    Can't read what she writes? Use these three fun and easy apps to give your child's handwriting skills a much-needed boost. Read more...
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    Level the Playing Field
    9 Must-Have Learning Aids
    Check out our top picks for learning technologies, geared towards kids with ADHD, that help with writing, reading, and organization. More...
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    Tech. Support
    3 Ways to Sharpen Reading Skills
    These apps and games will make reading a breeze for your elementary-school-aged ADHD child. More...
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    Make Math Fun
    Apps to Master Math
    Improve math comprehension at any age with the help of these apps and websites. More...
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    Writing Apps That Work
    Tools to Improve Writing
    Use these apps to help your child get his creative juices flowing — and improve his writing skills in the process. More...