How to Level the Playing Field

School Accommodations That Work

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    Accommodations Guide
    A Plan for Getting ADHD Services
    8 steps for meeting your child's educational needs with ADHD accommodations at school. More...
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    IEP Suggestions
    27 Good Ideas for Accommodations
    Specific academic accommodations and how they can benefit your child with ADHD or learning disabilities. More...
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    IEP Provisions for Tests
    Test-Taking Tweaks to Change D's to B's
    Accommodations to help your ADHD child excel on quizzes and standardized tests. More...
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    Fidget to Focus
    Small Accommodations. Big Improvement.
    Fidgets that can help your ADHD child improve her focus in the classroom More...
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    IEP Toolbox
    3 Resources for Better Accomodations
    Websites and a book that explain everything you need to know about IEPs. More...
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    Accommodations that Really Work
    ADDitude readers recommend classroom and homework modifications that make a difference. More...
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    Expert Video
    How to Get Special-Ed Services
    How to boost your child's academic performance by securing school services that meet individual learning, social, and emotional needs.
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    Higher Education
    How to Get Accommodations in College
    "I am a student with ADHD who has received accommodations in high school (extended time and a quiet test location) under a 504 Plan. How can I make sure I get these accommodations in college?" More...
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    Life Story
    "Will This Be on The Test?"
    "It is not easy to approach a teacher, in high school or college, to ask for accommodations in testing." More...
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    In Your Words
    What Works for Us
    ADDitude readers share the IEP tips and tricks that help their ADHD children stay focused, happy, and successful at school. More...