How to Teach Organization Skills

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    Top 10 Routine Builders
    Create Better Structure — Starting Today!
    Routines help teach organizational and time-management skills. Learn how to implement a smart one for your child with ADHD. More...
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    From Messy to Manageable
    6 Solutions for Common Clutter Problems
    Artwork. Sports equipment. Clothes. Hiding away these everyday items isn't practical, but neither is tripping on them. Here's a better way. More...
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    ADHD Toolbox
    Great Mobile Apps for ADD Kids
    These expert-recommended apps can help make short work of your child's to-do list. More...
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    Ask the Organization Expert
    Scheduling and Medication Reminders
    Our ADHD son forgets to take his medication and has trouble being on time for appointments and classes. Read the Expert Response...
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    Children's Books
    Inspire a Clutter Cleanup
    Most kids avoid straightening their rooms at all costs. Take the cringe out of cleaning with help from these fun stories. More...
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    Executive Function Deficits
    11 Secrets of ADHD Households That Sing
    Your child's executive function deficits mean she struggles to get organized, complete homework, set deadlines and clean up. These strategies will teach her valuable new skills. More...
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    Keep Your Eye on the Ball
    How to Help Him Focus
    Creative tricks and tools to focus your child's fickle, fleeting attention on homework, schoolwork, or chores. More...
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    "I'm not his maid!"
    Cleaning Without a Meltdown
    Break down the steps required to clean his room, and make a list that he can check off as he goes — start to finish! More...
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    Backpacks, Folders and Binders, Oh My!
    Help ADHD Students Get Organized for School
    Common problems — and solutions — ADHD children face when getting ready for their school day. More...
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    Start the Day Right
    The Secret to an Organized Morning
    Does waking your ADHD child each morning incite an epic battle? Here's how to get everyone organized first thing in the morning. More...
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    More Bees with Honey
    How to Harness Positive Reinforcement
    Want to inspire better listening skills and behavior? The trick is emphasizing his strengths, and setting realistic goals for improving weaknesses. More...
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    Finding Things at School
    Organizing the Locker
    Use these 6 tips to keep your child's locker from deteriorating into a dumpster or burial ground for lost homework. More...
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    Calendars, Clocks and Color-Coding
    Time + Paper Management = Organization
    Keeping track of time and dates goes hand-in-hand with holding on to homework and assignments. More...