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Apps, Tech, and Tools for ADHD Minds

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    Apps to Help You Sleep
    Nightime Apps
    70 percent of adults with ADHD spend more than one hour trying to fall asleep at night. These apps can help. More...
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    Block Digital Distractions
    Is Facebook Killing Your Productivity?
    Try working on a stripped-down machine built for productivity. Leave your iPhone (and its games) in the drawer. More...
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    Tame To-Do Lists
    Upload for Motivation
    These apps solve common to-do list problems – like distractions and paper clutter – and offer incentives to get things done. More...
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    Pay Attention Longer
    Games for Focus and Memory
    Play Attention, Smart Brain, and Cogmed Video games can help ADHD kids and adults improve working memory while having fun. More...
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    Keep Track of Time
    Is a Timer or Watch Right for You?
    The sound of a buzzer, or a customized message can give you just the nudge you need to move to your next task. More...
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    Gadgets That Work
    Never Lose Your Keys Again
    These tiny, radio-controlled homing devices attach to the items you can't afford to keep losing. More...
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    Tune Out Noise
    To Focus in on Tasks
    b-Calm, an ADHD-friendly product, helps block out distractions, and sooth your senses with relaxing audio tracks. Read our ADDer's review. More...
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    Easy Does It
    Cool Relaxation Apps
    Productivity ain't everything. These apps can help you slow down when you need to, get more sleep, and learn to leave things for another day. More...
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    Grade A Gadgets
    Acing College with ADHD
    Every coed needs a mobile alarm clock that forces you out of bed, white noise to soothe pre-exam jitters, and freedom to ignore the Internet. More...
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    People's Choice
    The Best ADHD Apps Are...
    Stop impulse purchases, monitor traffic in real time, and keep track of your shopping list, all in one easy place – your phone. More...
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    Make Mornings Easier
    Help for ADHD Night Owls
    Waking up doesn't have to be torture. Try a "dawn-simulating" alarm clock to ease you into your day. More...
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    A Paperless School Year
    How to Eliminate Lost Worksheets
    Tools for taking notes and keeping track of assignments without printouts. A tablet, a keyboard, a stylus, and you're on the road to success. More...
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    An ADHD-Product Review
    The Planner Pad
    Our readers road test a tool to help ADHDers get their to-do lists and calendars under control. Is it worth buying? More...
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    Must-Have Organizational Tools
    Products ADHD Adults Swear By
    Some use the Evernote app, while others prefer their mead notebook. See which methods make the most sense to you! More...
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    Nokia? Android? iPhone?
    Which SmartPhone is Best for ADHDers?
    "I've tried Nokia, Android and the iPhone to keep organized. For me, only my iPhone helps. It provides a seamless sync of iCal, contacts, and the task-management program Things." More...
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    Gadgets and Apps
    High Tech Fixes for Low Tech Symptoms
    Our bloggers review the latest products, books, apps, and alternative treatments aimed at helping manage ADD symptoms. More...
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    I Can See Clearly Now
    A New Locator Device for Glasses
    "Reading glasses make all the difference in my reading comprehension. Sadly, they're rarely within an arm’s reach." More...