How to Work Effectively With the School

Keeping the School on Your Child's Side

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    Ask the ADHD Learning Expert
    "How Do I Convince the Teacher?"
    "My kid's teacher won't recognize that my daughter struggles with reading and writing. What should I do?" Read the Expert Response...
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    Teamwork Tips
    What Teachers Really Want
    She's a teacher AND the mother of an ADHD child. Here, she shares her strategies for working well with the school. More...
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    Your Child's Academic Check-Up
    4 Must-Dos for the Mid-Year Meeting
    Don't squander the mid-year appointment with your child's teacher; use these tips to come prepared and leave satisfied. More...
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    6 Rules for Teachers
    Better Cooperation with Parents
    Teachers can make a difference for ADHD kids by choosing to work with parents using these solutions. More...
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    Working with the School
    Communication Plans That Work
    Keeping in touch with tutors, sports coaches, teachers, and administrators can help foster strong bonds at your child's school. More...
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    ADHD School Help
    Getting Accommodations
    Walk in the teacher's shoes with these guidelines to get accommodations, and stay on the same side as the school. More...
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    Relationships with Teachers
    Working Together for Success
    Teachers, like parents, want kids to succeed. Read 6 plans for parents on how team up with your child's teachers to encourage that success. More...
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    Life Story
    My Son's Strongest Advocate
    "The mentoring of one special teacher who really understood my ADHD child made all the difference." More...
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    Breaking the Mold
    A New Kind of High School for Our Kids
    A new high school in Chicago is challenging tradition to create a specialized environment for students with ADHD or LD. Read more...
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    ADHD & Gifted?
    Twice-Exceptional and Thriving — Finally
    "Getting my twice-exceptional son into a supportive learning environment was not easy. But once we found the right school, I knew it was all worthwhile." Read more...