ADHD and Learning Slideshows

Every 504 Plan Should Include These ADHD Accommodations
Accommodations (IEPs & 504 Plans) 11 slides
Impulsive behavior. Incomplete homework. Inconsistent focus. Whatever your child's school challenges, these teacher-approved accommodations can put some real muscle behind his 504 Plan and put the attention back on learning. ... start slideshow
You Can't Learn If You're Anxious, Stressed, or Scared
Homework & Study Skills 18 slides
No child can succeed at school if he believes he is less smart or less capable than his peers. Follow these strategies to change your child's mindset and to promote his self-esteem. Together, they can unlock a lifetime of more positive learning. ... start slideshow
The ADHD Homework System for Less Stress, More Glory
Homework & Study Skills 15 slides
Homework stress is real — and exhausting for parents and students alike. Spare your family the drama and fights by following this homework system designed for children with ADHD and learning disabilities. ... start slideshow
The 3 Rs of ADHD at School: Routines, Rules, Reminders
For Teachers 12 slides
Never underestimate the power of a teacher who recognizes and harnesses the effectiveness of structure, communication, and interactive learning — especially for students with ADHD. Share these 10 powerful ideas with your child's teacher to help build a lifelong love for learning! ... start slideshow
8 Perfect Books for Reluctant Readers (Even Yours!)
Reading, Writing, Math 10 slides
If your child squirms at the sight of a book or claims to "hate reading" — whether due to dyslexia, ADHD, or just standard reluctance — check out these 8 books that make reading exciting at any age. ... start slideshow
How to Make Learning Stick
Homework & Study Skills 11 slides
Learn about common working memory challenges for ADHD children. Plus tips, tools, and tricks for training the brain to remember more, and forget less. ... start slideshow
What to Do When the IEP Isn't Working
Accommodations (IEPs & 504 Plans) 16 slides
ADDitude looks at the most common problems parents face with their child's IEP or 504 Plan, along with straightforward solutions. ... start slideshow
10 Ways We'd Change the U.S. School System If We Could
Working with School 12 slides
Our kids are remarkable. They have unmatched gifts and perspectives. Yet they struggle academically — in large part because schools are not traditionally set up to recognize and build upon their unorthodox learning styles. But the solutions, it turns out, are not so difficult. Here is how we would start to re-think school. ... start slideshow
9 ADHD Strategies Your Child's Teacher Should Know
For Teachers 11 slides
"If I have something subtle to occupy me — like a small fidget toy — I am neither distracted nor seeking out the distractions. I am relaxed and alert." Hearing students with ADHD describe their unique challenges in their own words can unlock amazing collaboration and tremendous learning. ... start slideshow
11 Rules for Better Parent-Teacher Teamwork
Working with School 13 slides
Your child's teacher spends five to six hours with him each day. She doesn't know him like you do, but she sees things you can't — or won't. Here's advice from real parents and teachers who found ways to work together that really benefited everyone. ... start slideshow
Boost Your ADHD Child's Executive Functions
Homework & Study Skills 11 slides
Has your ADHD child hit a mid-year slump? Help the second half of the year go smoothly by increasing her capacity for learning. ... start slideshow
11 Best Homework and Study Apps
Homework & Study Skills 13 slides
From forgotten assignments to distracting daydreams, daily homework is derailed in so many interesting ways for ADHD kids. Here, ADDitude has compiled the 11 best mobile apps to help students organize their time, stay on task, and study smarter! ... start slideshow
Raise Your Hand! Lower Your Voice! How to Manage School Behavior
School Behavior & Social Life 12 slides
The key to changing behavior at school is understanding why it happens, and responding in a way that makes sense for how ADHD kids see the world. Learn how! ... start slideshow
12 Steps to Smarter School Accommodations
Accommodations (IEPs & 504 Plans) 14 slides
How to create, implement, and maintain an IEP or 504 Plan that secures school accommodations for your child with ADHD or LD. ... start slideshow
10 Children's Books for ADHD Kids
Reading, Writing, Math 12 slides
Nothing stimulates the ADHD brain like reading or being read to. This is especially true for our kids when they feel a personal connection to the story and its characters. Here is a short list of great books with ADHD or LD themes that will help our kids feel more understood. ... start slideshow
12 Sure-Fire Focus Fixes for ADHD Kids
Accommodations (IEPs & 504 Plans) 14 slides
From exercise and earmuffs to using digital tools, our readers share their best (and most creative) tips for helping ADHD students focus their attention at and after school. ... start slideshow
The Write Stuff: Helping Your ADHD/LD Child with Written Expression
Reading, Writing, Math 14 slides
Kids with attention and learning problems may overflow with creative ideas -- but struggle to get them down on paper. These tips will streamline the writing process while making it fun. ... start slideshow
18 Tips for Sharpening Your Child’s Math Skills
Reading, Writing, Math 18 slides
Teachers and parents can use these strategies to give their child the knowledge and tools to excel. ... start slideshow
9 Tips for Using a School Planner Successfully
The Organized Student 8 slides
Children with ADHD who use a planner are more organized and earn higher grades. Here’s how to help your child use this essential tool for school. ... start slideshow
Better Behavior at School: Help Teachers Manage Your Child's Distractions and Impulsivity
School Behavior & Social Life 13 slides
Share these winning strategies with your child's teachers to keep your student focused and on his best behavior in the classroom. ... start slideshow
Top 5 Homework Frustrations — and Fixes for Each
Homework & Study Skills 20 slides
"All happy homeworkers are alike; each unhappy homeworker is unhappy in his own way." Is your child a Disorganized Danny? Procrastinating Penny? Distractible David? Whatever his specific homework challenges, here are equally specific solutions that really work for kids with ADHD. ... start slideshow
10 New Ways to Study with ADHD
Homework & Study Skills 12 slides
No more late-night cramming. Research shows that these solid study techniques help kids with ADHD learn faster, retain more, and perform better on tests. ... start slideshow
11 Tips for Getting Your Child’s Teacher on Your Side
Working with School 13 slides
Teaming up with your child’s teacher can mean the difference between success and failure in the classroom. ... start slideshow
ADHD Learning: Build on Strengths, Not Deficits
Working with School 7 slides
Instead of dwelling on deficiencies, focus on your ADHD child’s talents to help him grow and learn in the classroom. ... start slideshow
Homework and Study Shortcuts: 12 Ways to Get Things Done Quicker
Homework & Study Skills 13 slides
Small steps can bring huge rewards in getting homework done and in studying for tests. ... start slideshow
How Do IEPs and 504 Plans Work?
Accommodations (IEPs & 504 Plans) 18 slides
The steps required to secure academic accommodations for your child with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) or learning disabilities (LD) can be confusing—and intimidating. Follow these steps to establish an IEP or 504 Plan. ... start slideshow
11 Ways to Get Your ADHD Child Organized for School
The Organized Student 12 slides
ADHD children have impaired executive function, leading to forgotten papers, missed deadlines, and perpetually messy desks. Punishment won't fix the problem; a great organization system might! ... start slideshow
Are You Keeping Your Child's Learning Alive This Summer?
Homework & Study Skills 13 slides
How some of the smartest moms we know help their ADHD/LD kids avoid the summer slide — academically and socially. ... start slideshow
11 Summer Brain Builders for ADHD Kids
Homework & Study Skills 12 slides
Don’t let your child lose academic ground this summer. Keep him learning while school is out by incorporating these fun, ADHD-friendly, educational tips into your daily routine. ... start slideshow
A Mom’s Hopes for the New School Year
School Behavior & Social Life 11 slides
Optimism fills the aisles of Target. Brightly colored folders whisper tales of shiny classrooms and friendly teachers. Last year's mistakes, the new Trapper Keeper says, are a thing of the past; this is the start of something new. And I dream yet again about a perfect (heck, I’ll take better) school year for my child. Here is what it looks like. ... start slideshow
11 Tips for High School Success
Homework & Study Skills 11 slides
High school demands better study skills, time-management tools, and organization skills in order to succeed. Use these tips to master your classes. ... start slideshow
10 Things To Do BEFORE School Starts
Accommodations (IEPs & 504 Plans) 10 slides
A successful school year begins in July. An unsuccessful one begins the first day of classes. Set your child up for success by reviewing his IEP or 504 Plan, developing organization systems with him, communicating with teachers, and more during the summer months. ... start slideshow
10 Talks to Have at the Start of the School Year
Working with School 10 slides
Set your child up for a successful school year by having these important conversations with your child, your teacher, your doctor, other parents, your family -- and yourself. ... start slideshow
How to Avoid Summer Learning Loss
Homework & Study Skills 15 slides
The lazy days of summer — with no routines or structured learning — can put your child at an academic disadvantage. Here, ADDitude readers tell us how they maintain a reliable schedule, a calm house, and an engaged child during the summer months. ... start slideshow
Tech Tools & Strategies to Close the Learning Gap
Reading, Writing, Math 13 slides
Expert-advice on how to identify your child's reading, writing, or executive function challenges — and find the tools and tactics designed to lower those specific hurdles at school. ... start slideshow